Rhonda has been a blessing. A co-worker recommended her to me for stress, depression, and anxiety. Rhonda isn't like the counselors I have seen in the past. I didn't need or want to spend all my time talking about my feelings. I needed tools to help me deal with the extreme stress I was dealing with on a daily basis. Rhonda has provided me with those tools. She's very discerning. She listens and then drills down to the issue with remarkable insight and compassion. Her use of EMDR therapy was a miracle for me. I didn't realize I was still holding on to the grief of finding my mom when she passed. I was able to process and file that grief away immediately. It was like a weight had lifted. I leave sessions feeling empowered and loaded with practical tools, for example, identifying my triggers (especially eating triggers), coping with or deflecting stress, and most importantly to me, calming myself, changing my way of thinking, and stopping my negative behaviors (e.g., stress eating!). Dealing with the stress and stressors more effectively has significantly reduced my anxiety and depression. I thought I only needed "therapy", but I've received so much more from Rhonda. I feel like she's also my life coach, helping me get out of my head and setting goals for a healthier and more productive future.


I have been seeing Rhonda for a little over a year now and my life is substantially improved from where I was when we started. Rhonda listens to what I am saying and feeling and has the ability to help me clarify what it is I am struggling with and allows me to come up with my solution; offering suggestions or anticipating what may come with me, not for me. Rhonda's help is focused and practical to what I am struggling with at any time. I work in healthcare and am impressed with the services I have received.



Rhonda has been extremely helpful in guiding me toward rewriting the script of my life. I realize now that I have created everything in my own world and know how to change it. She knows how to empower her clients towards change. I am no longer a victim but am in control of the world around me. She has a calming effect that gets me centered and ready to do the work. She lets me know that I have to do the work and not her. I feel that she is not only a counselor but also a dear friend who has the experience to know what I have been through. She works from a "we" and not a "you" perspective that I greatly appreciate.

I Am A Changed Person


Rhonda uses a variety of individualized approaches to maximize her counseling interventions. She respects the sensitivity of my shortcomings, is nonjudgmental, and trustworthy. Rhonda has helped me manage and persevere through some difficult situations and continues to skillfully coach me in becoming a better me.



Rhonda is great at listening to your needs and priorities. She has a wealth of knowledge regarding anxiety/depression management- from techniques and strategies to the brain chemistry behind it all. Practicing some of these techniques in combination with doing EMDR led me to feel more like myself within a few sessions.



Rhonda was very helpful for me to be unstuck in my past and really looking forward to my future. I had things in my childhood to happen to me that keep me stuck in my past, therefore I could not really live in the present, or live for my future. She help me move beyond my past, and now I really am excited about my future and I notice I am stronger too. Thanks Rhonda!!!

Very Helpful!!!!!

Janet L.

I have seen Rhonda quite a few times. I have had some very traumatic experiences growing up and I also had three miscarriages back to back. The last one almost broke me and I was diagnosed with PTSD. She helped me to refile those memories so that I could deal with them appropriately. I no longer suffer from PTSD. I no longer live my life full of constant stress. She has also since helped me with career choices and she has helped me to learn to deal with difficult personalities. This is also something I had struggled with my entire life, constantly worrying what others think and now I am free from that. It is liberating!



I was having depression and anxiety issues and Mrs. Ferrell was very understanding about my situation. Over the course of 2 months, she helped navigate me out of my problems until now I am able to pull myself out of my anxiety and depression. I recommend her to anyone who is suffering from depression and anxiety.

She's the best!

Mrs. S

My experience with this Counseling service was a very positive one for me. I was a little apprehensive about seeing a therapist originally, because I really didn’t like the idea of talking about stuff, let alone with a total stranger. But after my first meeting with Rhonda, I felt safe enough to talk about the painful things that were going on in my life. She was very kind and professional, and listened to me in a way that nobody ever had before. I first went to see her because someone very close to me had died suddenly, and I didn’t know anything about grief.. At the time, I didn’t care about myself much and everything was so confusing in my life, but it was like she knew how it was for me. I found her counselling style to be very intuitive and most supportive and came to learn that she has a lot of experience in many different types of therapy styles. I began to see the positive things taking place in my life, and later on went to see her to get some help with a career change. She coached me through the choices I had available to me at the time using various techniques, and now I am working in a new job that I absolutely love, and I am back in school studying what I have always wanted to do. Healthy Solutions Counseling was great for me, and I truly recommend that if you need a good therapist, that you go here. I have a new life now, and I am really enjoying it. Thanks Rhonda!!!

A very supportive experience...

Kellie B.