Phobia Therapy

Phobia Therapy

If you're suffering from a phobia that is getting in the way of your everyday activities, don't hesitate to seek help today. There are many different kinds of phobias that people experience, but the effects are the same. Phobias cause high anxiety and extreme fear that make it hard for someone to function normally.

Don't let your fears run your life any longer. With our solution focused and EMDR therapy we can help you overcome a phobia so you can start to enjoy life again without fear.

Helping you deal with your phobia

Typically, phobias are irrational, but they can still have a source. Determining and processing the event or events that caused your phobia may be the place for you to start healing. Rhonda Ferrell at Healthy, Solutions Counseling offers a variety of phobia counseling and therapy services in Winston Salem, NC. We use a solution-focused approach that may include EMDR therapy to address specific issues and help mitigate the impact of phobias. This can also include panic attack therapy.

Start learning how to deal with your phobia. Reach out to us today if you have any questions about our therapy methods.