About Rhonda Ferrell, LCMHC

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I have devoted my career to counseling with individuals who are seeking to enrich their lives, resolve their painful histories, and create the most fulfilling life experience possible. When we bring your strengths, creativity and motivation together with my professional experience and diverse strategies, we can accomplish a lot in brief solution focused counseling. I adapt a wide variety of strategies to meet your unique needs and circumstances so that you can make sustainable, affordable and enjoyable changes in yourself, your relationships and your life.

Getting past the past is an amazing way to free yourself from negative beliefs, self esteem issues, and dysfunctional relationship patterns. Trauma resulting from war, loss or abuse are a significant cause of depression, anxiety and addiction. Divorce, loss, unresolved grief and childhood abuse or bullying can also create traumatic effects.

With EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing), improvement can be achieved quickly and sustainably. Various other techniques empower you to stop the painful symptoms and recreate yourself and your relationships. Experience the powerful results when we integrate Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, EMDR and Positive Psychology with EMDR and other complementary interventions tailored to your needs.